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Global reactions for the Web

Add customisable anonymous reaction buttons to any website in less than a minute.

Lightweight & easy to integrate

Just insert the ˜2kB (gzipped) script to your blog, forum, product site, or any website, with only one line of code.

Emoji galore

Choose from hundreds of emoji to capture your visitors' reactions.

No-code configuration

Configure your site's reactions from the easy-to-use dashboard without needing to update code.

WebReactionz dashboard edit UI

Analytics Dashboard

Keep track of reactions received per page over time, including daily breakdowns.

WebReactionz dashboard 'daily reactions' statistics UI

Multiple reactions

Engage your audience more by enabling multiple reactions.

Clip of a user making multiple reactions on an applause emoji

Open-source & self-hostable

Want to own your data? Self-host on your server with all features for free.

Advanced configuration

Customise your widget's look and behaviour further using JavaScript and CSS.



  • Unlimited reactions.
  • One site.
  • Web Reactionz logo branding.
No payment details required. No time limits.

£3/month (or £30 annually)

  • Unlimited reactions.
  • Unlimited sites.
  • Email support.
  • No Web Reactionz logo branding.
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