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Introducing Web Reactionz

Announcing the launch of Web Reactionz - global reactions for the Web.

Web Reactionz empowers website owners, content creators, and online communities to effortlessly capture user reactions and amplify user engagement. Instantly embed a customizable reaction widget, configure it through the intuitive no-code web dashboard, and gain valuable insights with in-depth analytics.

Effortless Integration

Whether you run a blog, e-commerce store, or news website, Web Reactionz enables you to seamlessly embed a customizable reaction widget by pasting a single line of code, ensuring your users can easily express themselves.

No-Code Web Dashboard

Eaily configure your reaction widget using the intuitive no-code web dashboard. Customise the appearance with a wide range of emojis and themes, without requiring any coding knowledge.

Global Reactions

Choose from any emoji(s) to offer a diverse range of reactions to users, breaking language or cultural barriers.

In-Depth Analytics

Gain valuable insights with detailed analytics. Track reactions per page and over time, identify resonating emojis, and optimize your content accordingly.

Self-Hostable open-source Solution

You can stay in control of your data or infrastructure by choosing to self-host Web Reactionz for free.

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